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SWOT Poetry Events June 2002

June 21-23
A poetry writing weekend with master poet and teacher Karen Holt
Rose State College:
This opportunity begins Friday, June 21st (6-9 P.M), continues on Saturday, June 22nd (9-5), and ends on Sunday, June 23rd (1-5 P.M.).
The course number is English 2091 and Karen describes it as follows: finger painting / work shopping / jump starters / summer bliss poetry walk / poems by candlelight / found poems / gummi bears / rock and roll / comfort food / videos / glad rags. While this course is offered for credit, if space permits, it is open to enrollment through continuing education.
If anyone is interested - and can only enroll via continuing ed, contact Karen and give her your name and number (733-7505). A funny twist and tweak on this is that anyone can be admitted on-line (www.rose.edu) and then enroll on-line 48 hours later. (The cost is $15.)