Spoken Word of Tulsa - Poetry and Performance art in the Tulsa Metro Area Spoken Word of Tulsa - Poetry and Performance art in the Tulsa Metro Area  
SWOT Organization & Membership Information
SWOT Organization & Membership Information
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What is SWOT?

Spoken Word of Tulsa is one of Tulsa's many great arts and cultural organizations -- an inclusive agency for developing an easily accessible and visible presence of performance art in the Tulsa community and other areas.

Now in its 4th year, Spoken Word of Tulsa’s mission has been to develop a collaborative atmosphere fostering professional mentorship and advancement of regional artists in conjunction with the spoken word.

SWOT now has over 80 members and produces several regular events and community programs throughout the Tulsa area. The website www.swot.org has been not only a great promotional resource, but will be a source of revenue, as we are in the process of making recordings of events, artists' books and other artwork available for sale online.

Please visit our Calendar of Events to learn more about our new venues that are providing Tulsa an opportunity to exponentially strengthen the poetry scene.

Organizations that offer arts programs and events are welcome to notify SWOT so that we can announce them to our membership and other contacts.

Youth Program information: click here!


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