Spoken Word of Tulsa - Poetry and Performance art in the Tulsa Metro Area Spoken Word of Tulsa - Poetry and Performance art in the Tulsa Metro Area  
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As an organization Spoken Word of Tulsa wishes to provide an avenue of funding for support of individuals and groups as they pursue their artistic vision.

SWOT recognizes that "grassroots" promotion and development of the arts can be achieved with cooperative, open channels of communication. Therefore, SWOT is organized and operated in such a way that all SWOT members receive the benefits of:

  • Access to a network of established working professional artists.

  • Support of an established and growing network of public relations contacts and outlets.

  • Guidance in professional development from experienced mentor artists.

  • Opportunities for self-promotion through SWOT related venues, website links, and publications.

  • Opportunities to expand available sales outlets through referral to SWOT venues, retail contacts, and website and event materials sales.

  • Opportunities for publication through participation in SWOT Poetry Events and possible collaboration with other members.

  • Aid in implementing individual proposed works, i.e. publication, exhibition, and performance venues.

  • Advance notification of workshops by member mentor artists and early registration in limited attendance events.

  • Advance notification of proposals and open calls to artists for SWOT performances and exhibitions.


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Spoken Word of Tulsa
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