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  Nancy Harris Tom Henry Mingo GlassWhere There’s SMOKE There’s Magic
Pure magic.
Sheer magic.
Satin magic.
Sound magic.
Earth magic.
Ancient ancestral magic.
Magic that makes
My soul want more.
Yet leaves me filled.
Content to keep my feet on earth.
While my head floats
Light in the sky.
Your magic.

- Robert Alzheimer
L.A. Screenwriter/Poet
(upon first hearing the CD SMOKE)

SMOKE is a unique arts ensemble—a coming together of native and mixed-blood artists to spin words, make music and guide the imagination to a higher plane. SMOKE arises from the creative fires of spoken word artist Nancy Harris, native drummer and flautist Mingo Glass and contemporary singer/songwriter Tom Henry. Together and in collaboration with other gifted artists, the ensemble explores new territories of performance art while providing a rich context for community dialogue and education.

By its very nature, SMOKE carves a unique path through a myriad of roots and influences—forming new sounds and awakening creative possibilities. In one moment, smooth jazz-inspired words dip and sail around the lilt of the native flute, luring the listener into a wash of ethereal musings; in the next moment, clear vocals accompanied by folk-rock guitar grasp the heart and fly away with it to a place of poignancy and reflection. In another instant, strong words jump in to make a case for consciousness, and the beat of the drum becomes the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

With the exceptional talents of multi-ethnic, multidisciplinary artists, SMOKE has a riveting affect on audiences young and old. The native drum and flute are mesmerizing, while the blending of spoken word/poetry and music intrigues the imagination and invites the audience to see more, hear more, and know more.

Where there's SMOKE, there's Magic...