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July 17
How to Start a 501(c)(3)

This introductory seminar explores the steps necessary for incorporation in the State of Oklahoma, and securing tax-exempt status through the Internal Revenue Service.  The advantages and disadvantages of tax-exempt status will be explored, as well as community need and fundraising potential, structural considerations and legal formalities.

Presenter: Jon Trudgeon, Esq., Hartzog Conger Carson & Neville


Oklahoma City (# 071602-O)

Tulsa (# 071702-T)


Date: Tuesday, July 16

Wednesday, July 17

Time: 9am – 12 pm


Location: Oklahoma City Zoo

Bernsen Community Life Center

Nautilus Room

Room 318

2101 NE 50th St

700 S. Boston

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Registration fee: $ 55



July 28
Riddimfest drum circle
at the Greenwood Cultural Center,
at 322 N. Greenwood Ave.,
starting at 7:30 p.m.
(more information at this link - Tulsa World Story)


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