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March 12
The Tinman and the Fool
Open mic hosted by Bill Zischang
Transit Bar
downtown at 7th & Boulder. 2nd floor.
This week's feature is the poetry duo of Phil Boswell and David Radmilovich. ....wow.
...this should be interesting...
There is a restaraunt next door that serves food at bar till 9pm.
Open mic....words & music.


March 20th
The Write Place Presents:
Mary McAnally: Invitations and Invocations

Harwelden Mansion
Mary McAnally, Poet, and Alonzo Jones, Musician/Composer invite you to a unique experience of people's art. The artists will take you with them to Africa, Central America, Asia, and ethnic North America where the language and music of the people will engage your hearts, minds and souls. There will also be a brief interlude on the diggeridoo by Mary Vogh. People and places will be visited and invoked, and presences will be sensed, from Archbishop Romero to Nelson Mandela, from Sandanistas to nuns, revolutionaries to corporate profiteers.
Free to the public; refreshments will be available.


March 21
Living Arts Performances:
Featured Beat Poet: Paul Hoskins and Omnichron

Living Arts
...a musical arts group devoted to the synthesis of varied styles. This is seen in the musical paths that each member pursues in his personal career. Malcolm and Gabriel Royal are brothers and attend TU where they are pursuing B.A. degrees in music. TJ attends TCC and is currently active in the TU Jazz Band. Dan also attends TCC and is a member of several bands. John is a rapper and has won numerous battles in Tulsa as well as being invited to various hip-hop functions around the country. This includes the coveted scribble jams, though he was too young to participate.

Omnichron combines these varied talents in a melange of funk-rock-hip-hop, ho yeah and Jazz. And of course - Open Mic -contact Michael Levell at 295-2155 to sign up!
$5. ( $3. Members)


March 26
Open mic hosted by Bill Zischang
Transit Bar
A featured poetry reading with Joy McDaniel and NeGre' McKenney entitled "Deep Thoughts" will be held at the Ramada Inn in downtown Tulsa at 8:00 p.m., on the 2nd floor of the Transit Bar.

NeGre' is becoming a well seasoned poet and several of his poems are on the net under www.poetry.com, you may look his name as stated to view his poetry. He has also done "SLAM" poetry at the Bowery and other locations in Tulsa to become recognized.




= audience participation is encouraged. (check with host of events regarding sign-up sheets, rules, etc.)

= 21 and over show. (some shows w/out this icon may still serve and/or sell alcohol)

= smoking is not allowed indoors. (smoking may be allowed outside of the building itself, during intermission, etc.  Check w/ the venue for details)


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