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November 4th
Sooner Slam @ The Speak Easy
Featuring Buddy Wakefield and Eitan Kadosh of The Bullhorn Collective.
sign-up@ 7pm
event starts @ 7:30pm
Single round slam
first prize: $30
second prize: $10
third prize: tba

November 9
SMOKE :: Ears on Fire
8:00 pm
This is the release party / concert for our new work! Nancy Harris, Tom Henry, Mingo Glass are now known as the group SMOKE. Gary Mex Glazner, a very special returning guest comprises the other 1/2 of this concert and will be using recorded music from his travels around the world in his performance.
A short open mic will be held after the concert.....sign up will be available at 7:30-8:00......3 minutes max...10 poets max
Nightengale Theater
1416 E. 4th St.,
Tulsa, OK
$10 adults, $5 for kids under 12 at the door.
Don't miss this night!



November 11
A special 4-session class will be taught by Steve Liggett & Michael Levell, for all who would like to develop their ideas into a performance artwork.
The class will indluce both looking at other workds via video/slides and learning about the history of performance art, as well as working on short pieces which the calss can develop and perform at the December Cabaret.
Mondays from 7:00-9:00pm $25.
Starts Nov 11. Enroll by calling 585-1234.
Open to participants over 18.



November 16
Ebony Farashuu Enters the Literary Arena With New Paperback: Butterfly Kisses, Poetry For The Many Faces
of Love.

In her literary debut, Butterfly Kisses: Poetry For the Many Faces of Love, Ebony poetically defines the various stages of romance, taking readers on an emotional journey through the intricacies of love. Destined to set a new trend in poetic expression, the potent words of Ebony Farashuu will fill your soul with an everlasting understanding of what it truly means to fall in love, to lose love, and to make love.

As a Spoken Word Poet, Ebony Farashuu has touched the eyes, ears, and hearts of all who have been exposed to her uniquely sensual and emotion provoking style of poetry. She is currently the official hostess of Poetry On Greenwood, a monthly open mic event held the third Saturday of each month at Greenwood Cultural Center in her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

For further information on Butterfly Kisses: Poetry For the Many Faces of Love, OR if you would like to purchase a book, please visit http://www.1stBooks.com/bookview/13623 where you will find a complete description of the book as well as a poetic excerpt.

Ebony will also be selling autographed copies at the next Poetry On Greenwood, being held at 7 PM on November 16, 2002. Price per book at the Open Mic is $17.50.



November 21
City of Poets Slam
Location: The Funk Shop 7970 E. 41st St. in tulsa OK.
Phone: 902-6078
Grand Prize-No Less Than $100.00 Dollars! Entry fee $5.00 All Poets can enter this contest even past winners. Bring your poetic skills to the forefront, and move the atmosphere with your words, convincing men to change their heart!

* Registration begins at 7pm and Slam begins at 8pm. Door prizes will be given, come early to get your tickets. This event will be advertised on the radio, so come early! To regrister before the ecvent please call- 918-902-6078 or 918-836-6446 (new office) (Need two opening acts other than poetry, so please call if interested!)

* No charge for general admission!


November 21
Living Arts Cabaret presents: Four Random Acts of Interest -
Thursday, November 21, 8:00pm $5. ($3. Members) These four acts even though they may sound similar in nature will show that vast difference and individuality in artists.
- Bob is a local singer/song writer who is the rock and folk vane of an uprising professional standard. He is a regular at the Gypsy Coffeehouse Open Mic Night and is working on his first studio album.
- T-Bone goes to both sides of the board from ³in your face² to extremely romantic poetry - always with a strong message and great use of language.
- Jess is one of Tulsa¹s up and coming stars. She writes strong emotional poetry of personal & truthful tastes, always an honest point of view that should not be missed.
Last and certainly not least is Cliff.- Cliff is a young musician from Arkansas who has been playing for years. He has music that ranges from humorous to serious and at times to his own renditions of other artists that have influenced him. So come to Living Arts for a great time of random acts of proficient art.
- and, of course, OPEN MIC afterwards. Call Michael Levell at savage_om@yahoo.com to sign up.



November 23
The Open Mic set for November 16th has been rescheduled. The Open Mic will now be held on:
DATE: Saturday, November 23.
TIME: 7pm
SIGN UP: 6:15pm-7pm
PLACE: Greenwood Cultural Center @ 322 N Greenwood Ave




November 29
Objets d¹Arts and Gala Auction -
Living Arts Annual Art Sale & Auction this year promises to be the best so far, with many new artists participating and live music. Silent and Live Auction open the same night as a Special Sneak Preview of the Objets D¹Art Night.
Friday, November 29, 5:00pm - 10:00pm, $5.
Cochaired by Leslie Alden and David Blust.

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